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About us

A leader in services for mills and casting shops

TMS International is a leader in services for steel manufacturers all over the world. Our people, services, technologies and equipment are invaluable sources of success, provide support and increase operational efficiency of our partners. We strive to anticipate
future challenges of our customers and continuously develop our processes and market new services for metals companies. Our services help to reduce side effects of the ferrous industry affecting the environment and support cleaner environment.

TMS International is at the forefront of building the best teams of its class which are able to meet the most strict requirements of our partners in any location in the world. Being concentrated on quality and performance, we are committed to support our partners in metal recovery processes and applying of "zero waste" solutions.

TMS International provides all types of services from material handling in our locations to full range of specialized operations supporting steel manufacturing process. Regardless of the size, our teams perfectly match operations of our partners striving to extend their achievements. In all our operations, we maintain the highest level of responsibility, meet our customers on a regular basis, guarantee ongoing problem solving, stay remarkably perceptive and quickly take right decisions. Building of strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners remains one of the pillars of our business. With more than 88 years of experience, TMS International has won and retained numerous customers providing them services of the highest quality, and nowadays we continue to find new partners. In fact, we have a long-standing, loyal cooperation with large number of our business partners.

Our global network includes more than 80 operations in mills and we have acquired 36 locations all over the world. We operate in North America, South America, South Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Middle East.


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