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Projects and references

TMS International Poland will be responsible for the following processes of steel slag managements at ARCELORMITTAL Poland:
  • evacuation (solid or liquid slag), transport, pouring, cooling, preliminary processing and sorting of slag from converters, LF/continuous casting (CC) and pig iron desulfurization;
  • logistics — delivery of slag pots to required locations;
  • slag separation and metal recovery;
  • storage, separation and processing of materials from the Metal Recovery Plant;
  • preparing of all slag sorts to be marketed depending on their quality and sales plan; sale of slag aggregate and other processed and separated materials;
  • slag pots management.

Currently TMS International sells aggregate mainly to companies operating in the road construction business.

Smelting aggregate is used for base replacement, embankments, frost resistant layers and auxiliary sub-bases, land levelling, hardening of access roads and mine shaft filling.

In the future we will supply:
  • grit for bituminous mass,
  • aggregate for mineral wool (blast furnace slag),
  • products for winter maintenance of roads.
  • together with Marian Niesler and Piotr Różański of the Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy we participate in the scientific project called "Production of slag based fertilizers".